Lamp Options

What is a Lamp?        products-graphic

Myprojectorlamps  offers a portfolio of high quality lamps to meet the differing lamp performance versus price needs of projector owners. Whilst our choice of products covers a range of performance and price points, all offer reliability and protect your reputation. Before we go through the options let’s just clarify what a ‘lamp’ is.

oem-lamps-logoOriginal Manufacturers Lamp (OEM)

The lamp supplied by the original projector manufacturer, identical to the one installed in the original projector. It gives the best performance in terms of brightness, life, etc. but tends to be the most expensive offering and often has the shortest warranty (typically 3 months).


Diamond Lamps (Genuine Inside)

A Diamond Lamp combines the identical bulb installed in the Original Manufacturer’s (OEM) lamp with a new cage. The exacting standards put into component selection and manufacture means a Diamond Lamp will deliver identical performance to the OEM lamp but at a noticeably lower price, supported by an extended 6-month warranty.


Smart Lamps (Premium Compatible)

A Smart Lamp is a Premier Compatible Lamp – the only one available on the market. We manufacturer Smart Lamps using proven, high quality parts – many of which are used by the original equipment manufacturer – that are constructed and tested to exacting standards. Unlike copy lamps that cut costs by using the cheapest components, a Smart Lamp delivers high quality and reliability to offer a great value alternative to the projector manufacturer’s own replacement lamp. With an unprecedented 12-month warranty, Smart Lamp performance will protect your reputation.

Original Bulb Only

Besides the usual projector lamp modules we also offer «Original Bulb Only» lamp options if available. An original bulb only is the lamp without the housing. The advantage of an original bulb only is usually the price, availability and the environment (you will re-use the old lamp housing). Before ordering an original bulb only please make sure that the old lamp housing can be re-used and has not been damaged due to previous lamp failure. When in doubt you are of course welcome to contact us for assistance. The warranty for the original bulbs is 3 months.


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